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Noah is the inspiration behind this jersey.   We the family felt it was very important that it was something Noah and that all of Noah’s Army would wear proudly.

Everything that became part of the final design was very personal and explained beside the jersey.

  • Blue and White stripes: Indicative of Noah’s passion for rugby, played in St Malachy’s first ever school rugby team.


  • Colour Choices:

Blueis synonymous with our campaign for justice and answers for Noah.

Green symbolizes questions we need answered i.e. Where's Noah’s green jacket?

Yellow represents the powerful energy of a lightning bolt. “Lightning never strikes twice” and Noah was my one and only lightning bolt.

  • Noah’s Army logo is one the most important pieces of the design. Without Noah’s Army his voice would never have been heard.  They have stood shoulder to shoulder with us throughout this journey as Noah’s Army.  “You and who’s army? Noah’s Army!”


  • The brotherhood that Noah found in his three years at St Malachy’s was pivotal in shaping the young gentleman he was becoming. It was important to incorporate the school moto:

Gloria Ab Intus (Glory from within) positioned inside the jersey collar to reflect the ethos of humbleness of all St Malachians.


  • 14 Forever is acknowledging the fourteen beautiful years that Noah gave to this world.

  • Community Search and Rescue We have so much admiration for these selfless volunteers. Noah will be able to give back by donating a percentage of jersey proceeds.


  • Bourke Sports and Colour Works Ireland two companies that made this jersey possible.

The Noah Donohoe Foundation has been set up to help support children from all communities across the North of Ireland in as many diverse ways as possible. There is no limit to what any child can achieve given the right opportunities.


Noah’s passion for life and learning will live on through this foundation.  All proceeds raised from jersey sales will go directly to The Noah Donohoe Foundation.


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